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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 15, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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about it. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar begins tonight's coverage. >> reporter: back in 2007 pg&e asked for about $5 million to replace a section of the pipeline that blew up in san brew oh. pg&e's own document says the replacement of 1 1/2 miles of pipeline was privatized by the risk management program. >> they said they would replace that section in 2009 and the commission gave them that money. >> reporter: but then, in september of 2009 -- >> pg&e came back and said "we need about $5 million to replace this very same section of line 132 and we plan to do it in 2013." >> this time pg&e's document says the pipe section was one of its top 100 risks making the risk of fail your high. >> we're wondering i didn't pg&e replace the section in 2009 when they got the money to do this? >> reporter: i asked pg&e's
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president what happened? >> some things happen, maybe some other item becomes more emerge earnhardt that we need to fix, and so that's why we will redirect funds to take care of the things that are urgent today and then go back and look and say "what are the things that are urgent tomorrow." if it's prior advertised for here it should have been fixed. there shouldn't have been any pushing it anywhere else. >> you think they should be checking this thing if, if they knew this gas pipe was here why didn't they check it all the time. they knew there was something wrong. >> it makes me angry because i think they should be more concerned about the people that live around the neighborhood. >> reporter: the neighbors are not satisfied. tom vacar, ktvu news. also today, governor schwarzenegger made his first visit since the explosion. maureen neigh lore was with him and what he promised people who live in that neighborhood. raw region. >> reporter: frank, governor
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schwarzenegger returned from his week long trip to arab yay he drove straight here down the street to the disaster zone. what is important is figuring out what went wrong. the governor was joined by state and local leaders this afternoon along with members of pg&e. we don't know why, if there was something missing or a weak link or something, but that's why we have the whole area locked off and secured, the important thing is that something like this doesn't ever happen again. >> reporter: the governor viewed. >> amanda: of the devastated region and praised the quick response of emergency responders. >> i'm goin' down the street, got people running up the street, i have some burn victims, i'm getting snap shots of all the people's faces and the tractor. >> this san brown oh fire captain was one of the first on the scene that night. his voices one of those recorded on the dispatch tapes. >> let go a third alarm.
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we have multiple houses, extreme heat, people trapped, we have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. >> i'm listening to some of the radio reports and i don't even remember saying a lost that stuff. it was trying to get on scene. >> reporter: today ntsb investigators started going home to home to interview residents, this homeowner who escaped with his two dogs says his concern lies with an elderly neighbor still hospitalised with severe burns. >> last i heard she was still on the critical list and it was mostly on her back. >> reporter: a vigil mass is planned tomorrow night for two of the four confirmed victims while three family members are still considered missing tonight. reporting live in san bruno, maureen naylor, ktvu news. homeowners affected by the san brown oh explosion now face the daunting task of rebuilding their life. tonight crews were cleaning and restoring homes that were damaged by the blast. the work is being offered to
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the victims for free with pg&e picking up the tab. >> i'm satisfied they, they asked me, you know, exactly, we went through the whole house and they have taken all our clothes, taken the mattress, and window coverings, and they are just cleaning everything. >> the restoration could take weeks to complete. insurance adjusters are still surveying the damage in the area which is already estimated at tens of millions of dollars. state and san mateo county officials are taking steps to prevent any potential scams relatedded to that fire and explosion in san brown oh. they warn that disasters like that explosion last week can bring out criminals looking to profit from the situation. there is a particular concern about phony contractors and insurance agents and people offering legal aid. officials are scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow to offer tips on how to avoid these scams and we will be there. state senator mark leno says he'll introduce a new bill
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that targets how utilities handle large disasters like what happened in san brown oh. they said the proposal will require pg&e and other utilities, not customers, to pay for fires that were caused by negligence by utilities. leno's bill is in response to the proposal to have customers pick up the tab for damages that exceed the utility's insurance coverage. and stay with ktvu for continuous coverage on the investigation into the disaster in san brown oh. you can also get updates on our web site 24/7, go to the next time you encounter an oakland police officer your every word and move could be recorded. it's all part of a new test program in which officers will wear tiny video cameras on their uniforms. ktvu's mike knee back is live now in east oakland with the details. mike? >> reporter: clip it on and flip it on, julia. it is that simple. for example when officers make a traffic stop and approach the driver's side that camera located on the front of their uniform is recording
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everything, video and audio. [ siren ] >> reporter: he is jason scott, oakland p.d. >> i'm going to pull this black nissan over. >> reporter: his pete, east oakland. >> what i'll do is do a report and try to get in touch with her and get her information too. >> reporter: his new tool the camera a size of a pager clipped on his chest. >> what can you say. the camera gets it, it's there, it happened or didn't happen. that's the bottom line. the video is not gonna lie to you. >> reporter: right now oakland police are testing 15 wearable cameras. every time the officers make a traffic stop, enter a criminal's home, approach any dangerous situation the camera is on, this was the vantage point from one of the uniform cams earlier today. >> do you have your license handy? your registration, you are prepared. >> reporter: he says footage gathered will be used as evidence in training and much more. >> having these cameras out there make officers act in a professional manner and if they are not we're going to be able
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to take action on those officers. >> we call them to report something they treat us as if we're the suspect. >> reporter: oakland residents say record away. the more that's documented the better for anyone. >> keep them on their toes to where, you know, i'm on the camera, you know, i can't do anything i'm not supposed to do if i'm gonna do what i'm supposed to. >> reporter: as for officer jason scott he wishes he had it earlier. >> this would have been the best tool in the world for me because i would have been able to avid even someone saying i was rude or mean to 'em or anything of the sort. >> reporter: at the end of an officer's shift all footage is ingested into a database and stored. the department with the city council's approval expect to have 350 cameras in place by winter. reporting live here in oakland, mike knee back, ktvu news. the change of venue for you chef fay the fourth and antawn mackie will continue one more day according to the prosecutor. the hearing began on monday and
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has included the testimony of a social psychologist. he says the intense media coverage of the murder of chauncey bailey would negatively influence potential alameda county jurors. those as the leader of the black muslim bakery, they are charged with the murders of bailey and two other men three years ago in oakland. the defense wants the trial moved to los angeles. san francisco police are investigating the death of a woman who they say -- which they say appears to be suspicious. the woman's body was found last night at a residential hotel on mission street. the death was called in by a man who police say is likely the same caller who later contacted them again promise to go turn himself in. >> and that person stated he wanted to turn himself in in relation to that investigation. however, he never did respond to mission police station. >> police just told us that the woman's body showed no signs of trauma but the cause of death is still under investigation. the woman is believed to be in
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her late 20s, her name has yet to be released. in a few hours we could learn whether hundreds of san francisco hotel workers will go on strike. about 9,000 hotel employees have been working without a contract for more than a rear. and, today, workers at the hilton union square hotel cast ballots on whether they should strike. ktvu's david stevenson is in san francisco with the latest. david? >> reporter: julia i'm inside the workers union hall where voting has just wound down. about over half of the will 00 eligible hilton workers today cast this ballot. the results won't be in for another hour and a half or so but the folks we have talked to say they have overwhelmingly voted to authorize the strike. even as they greeted guest and aided tourists workers at san francisco's hilton hotel in union square this afternoon were gearing up for a possible strike. >> to get a fair deal we've got to stay outside as long as we can. i mean that's -- and we're ready for it.
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>> it's health care, it's pension, it's wages, and it's the right to organize, it's, you know, basically workload. >> reporter: 9,000 employees at 60 san francisco hotels have worked without a contract for 13 months. union leaders say today's strike vote aimed to put pressure on hilton and encourage other hotels to make a deal. the union says the hotels can afford to settle because san francisco bookings and rates are up for a third consecutive month. >> our patience has run out and it's time to get one of these companies to negotiate a contract that sets a paern. >> they are well-paid workers, we value them, but we also need to be able to have contracts that are fair to the people not only working in the hotels but who own them as well [ yelling ] >> reporter: today's strike vote comes after a series of hotel pictures this career. sam sippinger, a spokesman for the hotels, says a hilton strike could damage the city's tourism industry. >> one of the advantages of packing those rooms with people is it keeps the employees
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working and i think the union owes a debt of gratitude to the owners of the hotels who would rather keep those employees work than put them on the street. >> reporter: the union has already pulled out some moth baltimore strike signs. if approved the union leaders will meet here friday to discuss when a strike could begin. reporting in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the state budget impasse is taking a toll on thousands of vendors who do business with the state. since july california has held back $3 billion in payments owed to its vendors. another $3 billion is expected to be withheld this month if the state budget isn't passed soon. >> we've got the health care, nutrition programs that provide meals on wheels around the state, there are a bunch of different services that are not receiving their mine from the state. >> public schools, the uc system, and community colleges say they are also feeling the
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pinch. they haven't received full payments from the state since june. after an early slide stocks rebounded on wall street today following news that industrial production grew last month. the dow gained 46 points, the nasdaq rows 11 1/2. it's been declared an epidemic and it has taken another life in california. who is most at risk an what people are being asked to do. plus ... >> reporter: the tea party set out to shake up the political landscape and the conservative group is succeeding, but, coming up, we'll show you why the tea party's impact has both parties shaking. and i'm still tracking a fairly strong form for this time of year in the pacific's. i'll tell you when you can expect some showers. also ahead, a new effort to get governor schwarzenegger to sign a bill aimed at preventing oil spills. what local lawmakers want done.
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whether or not meg whitman wins the race for governor, she is making history. she has now spent more of her own money on her campaign than any other candidate running for office in american history. whitman was trying to rally support in san francisco today at the headquarters of yelp where she was talking job creation but her $119 million self-funded campaign is attracting most of the attention. it sha'ath terse the record set by new york mayor michael bloomberg. >> i spent what i thought was necessary, i laid out a strategy, i wanted to invest in reaching out to all different californians, i wanted to get that message out. >> whitman is severely out spending her opponent attorney general jerry brown who has raised about $35 million from outside sources. meantime it is a split decision for the tea party. in the delaware primary tea
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party candidate christine o'donnell defeated 9-term republican congressman mike cassell. and in new hampshire this afternoon former state attorney general del reayotte narrowly defeated lamb obtain be 1600 volts. ayotte had the backing of sarah palin while he had the backing of low actually tea party activists, robert honda is in san francisco now with more on the tea party's growing influence. robert. >> reporter: it wasn't that long ago the tea party held a rally that many experts predicted would fizzle. instead they got a big turn out. likewise, now the delaware election has people in both parties watching the tea party very closely. some political experts say don't be surprised to sea more tea party signs out these days. christina o'donnell's victory over incumbent mike cassell in the delaware primary is the latest win. dave howl of the tea party patriots of silicon valley says there is a lesson for both parties. >> fundamentally the republican
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party needs to know its voters expect them to act like conservatives and the republicans can't be liberals. that's what pelosi and repair relead need to worry about. >> reporter: melinda jackson said the tea party proved it can bring out the vote but says they may have to contend with an influence similar to ross pe rot during jorge bush's campaign when al gore was running for president. >> do they see it as a threat, do they kind of try to isolate the tea party movement or do they embrace it and other sort of adopt some of those more conservative positions. >> democrats say it it's a tough time to sort it all out but republicans say political foss fee is on their side. >> it's like the antiwar no. in vietnam, i mean it markednd became part of the democratic party. the tea party folks are going to become more integrated with the republican party. i think it's a natural progression. >> reporter: tea party patriot david howl doesn't disagree
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except to say maybe it will be the republicans joining the tea party. robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. a 2-month-old baby from san bernadino county has died from whooping cough bringing the total number to 9. physicians say infants are the most at risk for the disease so they are urging parents, now, to vaccinate their young children and to get vaccinated themselves. there have been 3800 cases of whooping cough in california this year making it the largest outbreak of the disease in over 50 years. environmental groups are calling on the governor to sign a bill they say will prevent devastating oil spills. in sausalito toe environmentalists joined the bill proponents, jerry hoffman, they say one of the most important conditions requires them to deploy booms during transfers as a precaution. >> the governor, i think, made a pivot after the gulf oil spill.
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he pulled back his proposal to expand offshore drilling in california and so this is the other piece of what we have to learn from the tragedy in the gulf and that is we have to be prepared. >> the governor has until september th to sign that measure. well it's time now for the weather and there are some changes, especially in time for the weekend, let's check in now for about our chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. bill? >> we have been talking about it, the clouds in the pacific gathering, they could bring showers to the area as early as friday into saturday and sunday. it's not a big storm but a month ten shaly wet one in the north bay and sprinkles for the rest of us. here is how the fog forecast looks. right now the current fog is shooting across the city over to the south side of the city, fog is gonna make it to richmond and over into albany and oakland in the next hour or so, mostly clear tonight. the coastal fog will have a presence in many bay area neighborhoods as it did this morning. minor warming tomorrow. overnight lows in the 50s, there's your fog coverage. so you know it's a lot like today. the weather headlines this.
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low pressure center, kept us cool, basically all summer didn't it. brought us a very wet winter as well. it's really not supposed to be there at this time of year. it's still summer, this one, they keep changing themselves out, but the basic positions stay the same. the current low now moving in position to bring us some sprinkles is stronger than the other ones. and it's gonna get a little farther south, has a little more moisture with it and showers are in the forecast. not tomorrow, but on friday night into saturday and again into sunday. i'm going to show you that as a matter of fact. the computer model in whichier gonna see is how it breaks in thing down. and it's a ways out. so this model will change. every six hours or so we get model updates. they are changing on timing and how far south. this is the current model. here we go. now into saturday, saturday mid- morning we can see yoo, sprinkles, drizzle maybe as far south. this blue is sort of drizzle light sprinkles but when you get dynamics this close to us
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you could see it south of here. saturday, 7:00 a.m., sprinkles for everybody else, santa rosa, drizzle, then on sunday showers moving through the area. it's all gonna change, right? i mean the timing is gonna change, how far -- tomorrow night is going to be the one that is the model run. that will be the most useful to us. right now a pretty good idea. rain headed our way focused on the north bay and the showers will be light for us in any. you get the picture. we'll watch it for you, i'll be back at 10:00 with a new model run that comes in and share that with you as well and we'll try to dial in this current uninclement weather situation. >> see where it goes. all right. thank you bill. just a short while ago labor activists staged a protest in front of the office have diane fainstein to demand a continuation for funding for jobs programs. they want both senator fainstein and barbara boxer to
6:22 pm
continue the temporary assistance to neede families program. they provide cities as part of yesterday's economic lsu package which activists said has funded nearly 4,000 jobs in san francisco. the countdown to lift off is over. now you can take flight in the house of air in san francisco. that story is coming up next. closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleep world. with no interest until 2012.
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okay. so if you're one of those who likes to jump around, you have a new place to do it t trampoline park called house of air opened up today in the presidio, it features 19,000 square feet of jumping space, trampoline classes and a lot of other programs as well. the park was built inside an historic airplane hanger built back in the 20s and once used by the u.s. army. >> i can just see all the kids going "i want to get out." >> my two daughters especially. >> my boys too. i'm there. mark joins us, right into sports. >> yoo. it has the making of a really great day for the giants, all they have to do is hold up their end of the bargain and beat the dodgers tonight. chad billingsly, going to be tough. but colorado beat the pa trays troy tulowitzki. where were giant scouts when this guy was playing high school ball, huh?
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hits two three-run homers for him, 7 rbis today. colorado beat the padres 9-6 and you never know where pennant race heroes are gonna show up. get this. justin maxwell, the lowell nationals, came into the game hitting .132, but his grand slam against the braves this afternoon powers washington to a win over the braves. so if the giants do beat l.a. tonight they could be a half game back in both the west and a half game back in the wildcard race. you know how brutal it was for the raiders over all as a team last sunday in the first game of the year. particularly brutal for jason campbell as he is -- his debut doesn't turn out well at all, he says the team has to get reel and for get about how well they did in the preseason. >> we get some good press clippings preseason and a lot of different things. and this game here i think it humbled our team and get us back to knowing what we have to
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do because it's not going to be handed to you because there's changes made and things done. we've got to go out and fight if you take that approach from this game it will help us out for the rest of the season. >> the raiders would like to stop being humbled. it's pretty much been that way since 2002, and they are all sick of it. >> no more humbling. >> mark, thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, why it took so long for pg&e to shut off the ruptured gas line in san brown oh last week. why more on that story coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. thanks for joining us, good night.
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when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney.
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.


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